Hobby Farm

Langley, BC
2018 (in progress)

At the turn of the twentieth century, Laura Ingalls Wilder (of Little House fame), extolled the virtues of the five-acre farm. She assured her readers that such a farm could comfortably support a family through poultry, fruit, and dairy production. She urged them not to be discouraged by the prospect of hard work, that the payoff in space, freedom, and aesthetic beauty was more than worth it. "We have a whole five acres for our back yard and all out doors for our conservatory, filled not only with beautiful flowers, but with grand old trees as well, with running water and beautiful birds, with sunshine and fresh airs and all wild, free, beautiful things." 

While this long-owned farm has gone fallow from little family interest, a local revival of back-to-the-land sentiment, coupled with the rise of agro-tourism and the farm-to-table movement, has conspired to breathe new life into the land with a new proposal for communal agriculture and small scale hobby-farms.