UBC Bus Shelter

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Previous Firm: PUBLIC Architecture + Communication
Role: Project Architect

Winner of a 2013 AIBC Lieutenant-Governor of BC Special Jury Award
for Experimental Architecture.

"It is a beautifully crafted structure. The design team thought of everything down to the nail. The honeycomb acts as a space frame platform but also a sculpture. The light and the shadows make the shelters poetic, experiential and temporal. This is an atypical approach to a typical program type."- Jury Comments

"It is subtle as far as architecture goes, easily overlooked. But were you to stop and consider the artistry and impact of the two curious transit shelters along University Boulevard at UBC, the magic emerges. The shelters themselves share a lineage with the Katsura trees that grow nearby. Most striking is the intricate wood-and-glass “canopy” that provides both shelter and stimulation. Creatively constructed, it provides not only structural integrity, but lasting visual interest. Add sunshine, and the intricate nature-like pattern overhead is replicated under foot – a delightful change from the usual, mundane bus stop." - Jury Comments

Winner of the 2013 North American Wood Design Merit Award